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Dunya News Live

Dunya News Live TV Streaming, If you like dunya news tv live channel please share it and comment it. Fungiri is one of the best high quality tv channels online place, to bring revolt in the lives of any country. Mainly it was envision to be a web devoted to latest news and fun only.This Page is Search By Dunya News Live, Dunya News Live Streaming, Dunya News.

Dunya News TV
Dunya News is an Urdu sound news and present event tv station from Pakistan. Dunya News was established in 2008, is now accessible all over Pakistan on regional cable distributors. The main base of the station are situated at Lahore, Pakistan. This television is managed and in hand by National Communication Services Ltd.

Dunya News on Mobile
Dunya News Live Streaming mobile is further one of the valuable drive of Live Dunya News, now it supply its live updated news in the mode of message alerts on mobile device just by allow at a appropriate number. Get the fresh alert news ary news from Pakistan and all over the planet from Dunya News a noted Urdu Sound News TV channel. Dunya News also offered Live Streaming on your IPhone / IPad / Android / Desktops Gadgets. If you have not a Symbian Technology Phone no worry! you can easily catch updated news from official web from any internet active mobiles. Easily to enter site address and catch latest alert news around the clock from Sports, Fashion, Entertainment, Pakistan, Globally and Finance Market.

Famous TV Programmes
Dunya is offering well famous programs these century. Its have brilliant and capable journalists, hosts, news casters and the whole attractive corps. List and the frank picture of its programmes are given below:

Dunya Taiz Ter
Khabar Yeh Hay
On The Front
Nuqta Nazar
Mazaq Raat

Dunya Taiz Ter
program is a huge veiwership and is hosted by Ash Khan. Dunya Tez Ter is an hourly speedy paced program. Ash Khan displaying interesting and bold news fantasy from Pakistan and global nations.

is a most famed political fun and infotainment program. This program is hosted by Sohail Ahmed (Azizi), Junaid Salim and Najia Baig. It is an exertion to hike the tone of sanity over the probable insensitivity in the community. Azizi was achieved awarded Presidential Pride of achievement award by Asif Zardari on 23 March 2011 for his pride efficiency on the notorious program. samaa news live The faming of the program is intelligible in a civilization which has missing its applicability and looks at phenomenon through half open means of verbalization. Sohail Ahmed also usually costume up like politicians, stars or other famous notoriety and act like them. There are different type of portion displaying in this show such as:

Bait Baazi
Siasi Film
Khabron per Tabsara

Khabar Yeh Hay
is also national valuable News Gup-Shup show and is directed by Hasan Tariq. Rauf Klasra and Saeed Qazi discuss unleashing true information on regional issues with Shazia Zeeshan.

On The Front
is the most seeing live discussion program broadcasted by dunya tv. This program is hosted by a bold, remarkable journalist Kamran Shahid. Kamran Shahid takes on his guests with his vital assessment about their claim and criterion. Watch this program every Fri to Sun at 8:00.

Mazaq Raat
Mazaaq Raat is a formal television program based on political and stars parody and gupshup. The ideology of the program is, to make nation smile, giggle & get knowledge in a brighter way. This program is hosted by Noman Ejaz with the fabulous team Amanullah Khan, Iftikhar Thakor, Sakhawat Naz, Samiah Khan as Astrologer and Mohsin Abbas Haider as DJ. Mazaaq Raat broadcast on Mondays & Tuesdays at 11:00 pm. The base of the layout is similar to Geo News show Khabarnaak. Mazaaq Raat is a program viewers tune in to blink their daily uncertainty. DJ (Mohsin Abbas) beginning and ends every program with a unique funny parody song. In this program show has at least one personality guest and a mime of another star.

Fungiri was launched on 13 Feb, 2007. Initially it was picture in one's mind to be a site dedicated to information only. However it has developed out of its primary shape to become a global powerful portal providing a complete live tv, live news portal.

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